Monday, February 23, 2009

Dessert Truck NYC

Dessert Truck
(check website for locations)
I love the concept of the Dessert Truck - two entrepreneurial friends selling gourmet desserts out of a truck for $5 each. They've gotten a lot of press lately, and beat Bobby Flay in a "Throwdown" recently with their bacon creme anglaise chocolate bread pudding. Bacon with chocolate? Not as bad as it sounds! Lucky we got there early, as they were starting to run out of desserts and it was only 9pm. In our group of 6, I was the only one brave enough to try the bacon chocolate bread pudding - warm and delicious, with only a hint of bacon. But it wasn't as chocolatey as I'd hoped, probably because my portion was drowning in bacon creme anglaise. Kris had the molten dark chocolate cake (surprise, surprise, does he ever get anything other than chocolate?) and boy, was it ever good! Rich dark chocolate, warm & gooey middle, sprinkled with pistachios and sea salt. The molten center apparently has olive oil in it, but I couldn't detect any E.V.O.O. (not that it really mattered cause we fought each other for the last bite). Sorry for the poor quality photos - it was dark, and I didn't want my bacon to get cold.

The Verdict: Five words: warm molten dark chocolate cake!