Monday, December 21, 2009

The best kind of gifts are the ones you can eat...

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail last week, a container of homemade fudge, sent by my friend Erin and lovingly made by her mother-in-law, Lois:

I have to admit I was skeptical at first when Erin told me about her mother-in-law's famous fudge. I'd never really been a fan of fudge before, all the varieties I've tried have either been too sweet or artificial tasting. But Lois' fudge, which she's been making for the last 30 years, was melt-in-your-mouth AMAZING, especially the white almond flavor. So good in fact that I was forced to ration out the remaining pieces so we wouldn't devour it all in one sitting (and so hubby and I wouldn't fight over it).

The next day I called Erin and pleaded her to get the recipe from her mother-in-law...

Lois' Famous White Almond Fudge
(makes 3 lbs)
3 cups sugar
3/4 cups butter (margarine will also work but butter is better, see note*)
2/3 cup or 6oz evaporated milk
1 12oz package of white (vanilla) chips
1 7oz jar marshmallow cream
1 cup sliced almonds, crushed (see note**)
1 scant Tbsp almond extract

Combine sugar, butter and evaporated milk in 2 ½ qt saucepan. Bring to a FULL ROLLING BOIL stirring constantly. Continue boiling and stirring for a full 5 minutes over medium heat. Use a timer, don’t guess. Remove from heat and stir in chips until completely melted. Add marshmallow cream, nuts and almond extract. Pour into a buttered 9x13 pan (I like to use glass pans). Cool at room temperature. I like to cut the pieces just before they are completely cooled but don’t try to remove them until they are completely cooled.

Phyllis' notes:
*I detected a hint of salt in Lois' fudge so I used salted butter
**I substituted chopped slivered almonds because they were all I could find in our local supermarket (try shopping for baking supplies the day before a blizzard hits the Northeast). But I really loved the results using the skinless almonds, it gave the fudge a lovely milky white color throughout:

Perfect for the holidays...

Thank you to Erin and her husband Dan for sending us the fudge (and for not eating it all before it could make it to the post office).

And a special thanks to Lois for sharing her easy and fabulous recipe.

Thank you so much for thinking of us :)



Erin said...

Just to clarify we didn't eat any of it...We are being good and waiting until Christmas eve to get some...We only get it once a year and we are both salivating in anticipation...heheeh

Heavenly Housewife said...

GORGEOUS DAAAAAAAAAAAHLING! Really beautiful. I always associate fudge with something that looks like chocolate, its so pretty in white. I may need to make these--they are a little out of my comfort zone, as i've never made candy before, but i am getting super tempted.
p.s. i totally agree about the best foods being the one's you eat--unless its a big fat luxurious Prada bag ;)

Jenn said...

Yummy fudge!! Definitely great for giveaways. I've started making homemade treats as my giveaway. Way better than shopping in the malls for stuff. ;-D

Happy holidays!!

Daily Spud said...

Your title says it all! Thank you for spreading the fudge happiness & have a wonderful holiday season yourself :)

KennyT said...

Have you kept some for me?

Anonymous said...

The white fudge with almonds sounds amazing! Happy holidays!

tracieMoo said...

Agreed. The best things are meant to be in my mouth!! Great gifts for Xmas!

Phyllis said...

Erin: Haha...I know you've been good! Must have been torture having the fudge in your possession but not being allowed to eat it. Thanks again! :)

Heavenly Housewife: If I can make them, anyone can :D White is so appropriate for the holidays, especially with all the snow we just got. And LOL, you're still not giving up on me about the designer bags...

Jenn: Definitely better than hitting the malls. And good for the economic climate, fudge is really cheap to make!
Happy holidays :)

Daily Spud: Food is love! Have a great holiday :)

Kenny: Of course I did, sweetie... when can I send it? ;)

5 Star Foodie: I have a soft spot for white confections and anything almond flavored. Happy Holidays!!

tracieMoo: Yes, the best thing about the holidays is all the food I get to eat (oink!)

mira said...

happy holidays sayang! have a merry meerrrryy merrrryy xmas ahead! n happy new years as well! :) hehehe.. looking good eh! love the fudge! :p

Phyllis said...

Mira: Hey Mira, happy holidays and selamat tahun baru!

foodhoe said...

I'm drooling! happy holidays to you both

Fresh Local and Best said...

What a great gift! I think anyone would have LOVED to receive this bag of goodies.

Phyllis said...

foodhoe: Thanks! Happy Holidays :)

Fresh Local & Best: If it were up to me I'd keep it all to myself ;)

Kristin said...

I agree! I'm always up for receiving homemade baked goods during the holidays. I'm also a big fan of giving them!