Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pork bun from heaven...

Momofuku Milk Bar & BakeryAdd Image
(207 Second Ave at 13th street)
Been waiting forever to try David Chang's famous pork bun (2 buns for $9). Thrilled to report that it was as good as all the hype! Pork belly virtually melted in our mouths. On lookers were salivating watching us eat them. I'm Chinese, so I've been eating pork buns my whole life (a.k.a. char siu bao) and these buns were truly delicious. Can't wait to go back and try the pork bun w/egg and the "volcano" (they were sold out when we went last week). Compost cookie was tasty but not as good as the cornflake/marshmallow cookie. My husband didn't like the cookies - he said that all he could taste was butter!
The Verdict: Can't get enough!