Friday, June 19, 2009

Richmond Summer Night Market

It was an unseasonably warm spring day in Vancouver, and a pesky mosquito had snuck into my cousin Emily's house and had begun to circle me, moving in for the kill (and I'm not just being overly dramatic here - I have 'skeeter syndrome' so this was a serious situation). Emily came to my rescue with what looked like a tennis racket except that it shot electrical sparks and electrocuted my tiny assailant upon contact!

"Where the heck do you buy something like that?!" I exclaimed. "Oh, the Asian night market", she replied laughingly. Obsessed with getting my own mosquito taser, I planned to visit the night market before I left Vancouver. But of course I didn't make it there that year, and pretty much forgot about it during subsequent visits to Vancouver. Recently, one of my friends mentioned that the major draw of the night market was the FOOD (oink, did someone just say the magic word?!). So finally, on our most recent trip to Vancouver, this little piggy went to market (the Asian night market, that is)!

There are actually two Asian night markets in the Vancouver area, the
Vancouver Chinatown Night Market (100 vendors) and the Richmond Summer Night Market (300 hundred vendors). Both are modeled after open air night markets found throughout Asia. In the last few years, the Richmond Summer Night Market has become one of the biggest attractions in Canada, featuring an 'international' food fair and live entertainment, attracting thousands of visitors every weekend from mid-May till the beginning of October. (note: prior to 2008, the night market was run by a different event promoter who lost his lease to the property. Since then he's filed a lawsuit against the current promoter for "hijacking" the event that he founded. Source: Asian Pacific Post)

Hubby Kris and I arrived at the night market around 11pm on a Saturday night. We headed straight for the action (food stalls), bypassing the lonely vendors hawking Asian knicknacks, cell phone accessories, and cheap clothing.

Granny panties, anyone?

How 'bout a giant tiger scroll?

OK, on to the food. Everything's cheap ($1- $5). CASH ONLY!

Grilled meat on a stick:

Curried fish balls:


Fresh coconut drinks:

Takoyaki (doughballs filled with octopus, topped with Japanese condiments):

Dim sum:

Waffles were a popular item, at least 1/2 dozen stalls were offering some kind of waffle variation.

Egg balls (tiny sweet waffle balls, Kris loves these):

Fish shaped chocolate and red-bean waffles (aka

Taiwanese wheel cakes/sugar coated strawberries on a stick:

Korean waffles:

Dragon's beard candy:

Bubble Tea:

"Love" Crepes:

Gourmet desserts:

Southeast Asian desserts (or what I call 'everything but the kitchen sink' desserts):

Deep fried marshmallow pockets:

And no, I never did find the mosquito taser :(
(I got distracted by the food, can you blame me?)

Richmond Summer Night Market
12631 Vulcan Way (behind Home Depot on Sweden Way)
Richmond, BC, Canada
Open May 15 - Oct 4, 2009
Every Fri and Sat 7pm - 12am, Sun till 11pm
Long Weekends Sun 7pm - 12am, Mon till 11pm



KennyT said...

Oh Phyllis, if I show your blog to my friends with the text hidden, they would think it's Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong!

Haha, by the way, President Obama needs one of those mosquito tasers even he could kill the fly by one hand!

(note: a secret comment has been sent to your email)

Heavenly Housewife said...

I never heard of a night market. It sounds magical. I want one of those fish waffles, hope you brought me one. All those fried goodies must have been fun. Love the pic of your hubbs on the bottom :D.

Jenn said...

Night Markets are fun. Not sure if there's one here in LA. I need to find out.

Heavenly Housewife said...

p.s. I dont know about your granny, but I hope mine doesn't wear thongs YUCK

Phyllis said...

Kenny: Prez Obama doesn't need any special tools, he's a ninja! And thanks for the secret comment (wink, wink)

Heavenly Housewife: I bought you two fishies but I ate them. And LOL, most of the panties at that stall were granny panties, but I guess I should have mentioned the sexy thongs on display too!

Jenn: Not sure if there's one of these in LA, maybe during annual Asian festivals? Only a 3 hr flight to Vancouver!

Justin said...

korean waffles! i've been wanting to go to vancouver, and now I want to go even more.

Phyllis said...

Justin: You would LOVE Vancouver!!! I'll be posting lots more about my trip, stay tuned.

mira said...

Oh wow.. i envy this! this is great! wat a food quest! haha.. loving the post phyllis! :) hugs!! hehe

Anonymous said...

A summer night market sounds so neat! I would love to visit!

Added you on to my blogroll :)

Tangled Noodle said...

If this isn't a reason to hop a plane and head to Vancouver right NOW, I don't know what is. Alright, it's a great city in any event but this night market is awesome! I've never experienced anything like it - like an ongoing state fair! I would have to visit every night for a week b/c I wouldn't want to miss any of those treats! Sigh.

Phyllis said...

Tangled Noodle: this night market could fool anyone into thinking they were in Asia! You have until October to jump on a plane (or else you have to wait till next year) And I'm only less than halfway through writing about Vancouver - much more to come!

Phyllis said...

5 Star Foodie: Hope you get to an Asian night market one day, go with an empty stomach. And thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Phyllis said...

Mira: Haha - you don't need to envy this - you have this in Kuching every night! And your hawkers have Sarawak laksa!!!

OysterCulture said...

Now this is my kind of place! I agree with Kenny, only because I was at the Temple Street market last year, it does look like the TSNM.

Phyllis said...

OysterCulture: Sooooo jealous you've been to the TSNM, I've only gotten as close as the HK airport!