Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Chef Season 5 Finale

Highlights from last night's Top Chef Season 5 Finale


  • Stefan asking a voodoo tarot card reader about his love life, specifically about a girl named Jamie (what part of the word “lesbian” do you not understand, Stefan?)
  • The contestants cooking their final meal at the Commander's Palace in New Orleans with the help of sous chefs Richard Blais (Season 4), Casey Thompson (Season 3), and Marcel Vigneron (Season 2)
  • Hosea and Stefan fighting like children over foie gras and caviar
  • Casey convincing Carla to go outside her comfort zone and cook her beef "sous vide", a technique she had never used before which ultimately led to her demise
  • Hosea stickin’ it to his arch-nemesis Stefan by assigning him alligator as his protein for a surprise curveball appetizer
  • Carla getting pinched (hard) by a feisty blue crab, and Stefan coming to her rescue
  • Casey suggesting to Carla to make a cheese souffle instead of a tart, which ends up curdling and not being served (thanks again, Casey)
  • Carbonated blackberries (courtesy of molecular gastronomist, Richard Blais) appearing as a garnish on Hosea's venison course
  • Carla getting emotional at Judges Table ( heartbreaking)
  • Stefan wiping away Carla's tears while waiting for the judges' decision (he’s not such a jerk after all)
  • Hosea, pulling off the biggest upset in Top Chef history
  • Carla's final words, “I wanted to show people a different way of competing, to compete with LOVE!” (and you certainly did Carla)

Carla still has a chance to win $10,000 as fan favorite at the reunion special, so vote for your favorite chef at :



Tangled Noodle said...

Warning - personal opinion on its way: could they have chosen a more boring winner than Hosea? Carla was always one of my favorites for her ability to remain cordial, respectful, humorous and sweet throughout the competition. Well, there's always next season . . .

Sue said...

Thank you so much for reminding me to vote for Carla as Fan Favorite. I will definitely add a mention about that on my blog.

Kristy said...

Thanks for the Top Chef recap! I watched it but it was fun to read about it all over again. I'm sad the season is over; it was one of the best in my opinion. I wish Carla had won, but at least Stefan didn't take it!